Procedural Modelling & River Simulation

Documentation of a project generated in Houdini using procedural modelling for a section of a river bed and vegetation, along with a FLIP fluid and whitewater simulation.

Procedural River Bed:
The river bed geometry section is coordinated with a control panel to define the river path and profile, terrain slope/s, seed values for the several vegetations (each of which are their own procedural networks with controls), as well as a profile control for the waterfall/cliff edge. It includes a coordinated UV layout ready for textures and a cohesive VDB collider geometry output.

FLIP Fluid & Whitewater Simulation:
The FLIP fluid simulation navigates through the river bed and responds to the rock collisions with a dynamic body of water and whitewater. Particle velocities, turbulence and other parameters are enhanced through an iterative process of parameter adjustments.