App Dev & Notes


Puzzles and mysteries have always intrigued me; there's just something about the complex that captivates me.  Maybe it's the way that the simple and mundane have a way of becoming the catalysts for grand and significant events.  The majority of what I've been reading delves into the mysteries of math, science, and the world around us that continue to puzzle and exhibit new wonders.  Honestly, I've never been especially good at math or science, yet I love it and strive to understand its logic.  Truly, it has been the pursuit of grasping the basic concepts that makes me realize there's power in their derivation.  This link is to my documentation and analysis of various books that have captivated me over the years.  


Tinkering with a Commodore 64 as a kid and learning to play chess in elementary school spawned my interest in games and strategy.  Since then I've continued to enjoy exploring a variety of games, most notably: Magic: The Gathering, Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. Most recently, virtual and augmented reality have captivated my attention with titles like EVE: Valkyrie and The Climb, as well as development through Unity Pro.