Procedural Modelling

Exterior Walkway: Documentation of a small HDA built in Houdini and linked to Megascans assets for use in UE4 via Houdini Engine. Parameter controls configured for curve-managed customization.

Storage Case: Procedural model configured into variations with different accessories. HDA accessible via Houdini Engine in Unity/UE4. Weapon and accessories in the scene were from my previous project (

Hangar Bay: Exploration of Houdini to generate a hangar bay through procedural modelling that can be controlled to define various configurations. The HDA is intended to be transitioned to UE4 via the Houdini Engine for game environment use.

Procedural Modelling

Asset generation through procedural modelling that can be configured into flexible variations. The Houdini digital assets (HDAs) can be integrated through Houdini Engine for procedural control in Unity and Unreal Engine. These case studies are further detailed at the following link:

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